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  SZY printing ink is widely used for the printing of rubber tyres , including inner tube and shoe, triangle strips, rubber shoes and kinds of rubber-based marks. Characters or designs are transferred to rubber wares by means of vulcanizing. This kind of printing ink is more flexible than other ink. It can transfer characters or designs every inch , moreover , it feels smooth , with bright gloss and excellent elasticity.
Specific guidelines are as follows, 
Heat vulcanization transfer printing. Preprint the images or characters to be printed into BOPET polyester film by silk screen with the mesh of 160 to 350, then glue this film to the rubber wares. After 10 to 30 minutes’ heat vulcanization to a temperature of 140 to 180 degrees centigrade, the images on the decal will be transferred to rubber wares completely. 
Transfer-then-vulcanization has the same effect. The way to transfer can be put into two categories, one is water transfer, the other is cool transfer. The flow of water transfer is as follows. After being dried thoroughly, cellophane print can be glued to rubber wares with the coating of some solvents . Afterwards , cellophane paper can be torn off after water is spread on it. As to cool transfer, PP paper is needed to print. Then spray release agent to the printed PP paper, then printing ink can be imprinted after PP paper is dried. The next step is to glue the PP paper to rubber wares with the coating of some solvents .The last step is to tear off the PP paper.
SQQ printing ink ,with the advantage of elasticity, bright color and perfect adhesion force, is mainly used for direct printing in some elastic rubber wares such as balloon. 
Specific guidelines are as follows: The balloon with a portion of gas is fixed to the print desk, the part to be printed exposed out of the desk. Then print the part directly by silk screen with the mesh of 120 to 300. Caution: Don’t release the gas unless the printing ink is completely dried. Shaving knives with high rigidity are not suitable.

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